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You'll Be Hypnotized By These Illustrated, Stereoscopic GIFs Of Devils And Angels

Black, white, and red animations shudder before your eyes.
October 9, 2012, 11:30am

Yuriy Mironoff is an illustrator, artist, and animator from the Ukraine and all those titles combine in his series of GIFs Stolen Soul, which have an underground comics/Satan worship vibe to them.

Stripped down to the simple colors of black, red, and white, the stomach-less angel and devil-beast looming over candles (maybe it’s his birthday?) are made all the more anxiety-inducing with the added flashing of the GIF. Giving them a restlessness like they’re going to come out of the screen and take a bite off your hand.


Mironoff calls them stereoscopic and if you focus on them, you definitely get a sensation of 3D stretching out before you. If you stare at them too long though everything starts to go a bit weird. But. Can’t. Stop. Staring. Must. Look. Away.

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