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Piano Stairs Let You Play A Melody While You Walk

In Wulin Plaza in Hangzhou, China each step plays a musical note as you walk on it.

Walking up stairs, it’s not the most exciting of activities, sure you can maybe take two at a time to add a bit of spice but it’s not exactly a trip to the funhouse, is it? However, if you turned those stairs into the black and white keys of a piano and they played different notes every time someone stepped on them, then you’d have something that would make the whole thing worth your while.

At Wulin Plaza in Hangzhou, China they’ve installed exactly that, 54 piano steps that play a different note as you step on them allowing you to play a melody as you walk up and down. The only problem is, while it may well encourage people to do the healthy thing and walk instead of lazing away on the escalator, as people get giddy with excitement and start clambering up and down and pushing and shoving, it’ll turn into a death trap.

[via PSFK