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The Thread Wrapping Machine Creates Furniture By Wrapping Its Parts In A Cocoon Of String

Investing in low-tech, Swedish-Chilean designer creates thread machine to adorn his sculptures.
November 1, 2012, 10:22pm

Designer Anton Alvarez‘s has come up with a new way to fix furniture components together, and while it might not sound as durable as the traditional nails and screws, they offer not only solid construction, but a unique look as well. Alvarez’s The Thread Wrapping Machine is a circular loom that you can pass objects through to uniformly wrap them in string.

According to Alvarez, this project's main purpose is to create a tool that could help him perform this task quickly and effectively. "I wanted to create an externalized joint that would enable me to combine a big range of different materials that normally would require very time-consuming methods of joining them together. At the same time, a decorative pattern appears with the different colors of the thread," the creator explains on his website.

The video above shows how this invention works, and below you can see some of the stunning furnitures Alvarez created using it.