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Never Young's New Single 'Like a Version' Is Noise Rock Done Right

Need proof that guitar rock still has some life in it?
January 16, 2015, 5:48pm

Noise rock has had a pretty solid run as a genre, from Scratch Acid to Slowdive to No Age to Lightning Bolt. Never Young is a band from the Bay Area that continues the tradition with music that's equal parts grunge and electronic fuckery, with occasional lapses into slow, disciplined breakdown jams reminiscent of Fugazi or Rites of Spring.

"Like a Version" fooled me when I first listened to it—I thought it was another in an endless stream of bleepy-bloopy electronic tracks that clog my inbox each day. But after a few seconds, the song blossoms into a gooey wall of guitars. Put it on and imagine yourself riding a motorcycle into a 90s sunset, like that goon James in Twin Peaks. You'll remember why guitar rock will never die.

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