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Listen to Marc Maron Interview President Obama on His 'WTF' Podcast

Obama squeezed into Maron's garage for an earnest chat about being the leader of the free world.
June 22, 2015, 2:50pm

Last week, Marc Maron sat down in his California garage for a chat with President Obama. The interview was recorded for Maron's podcast, WTF, and it dropped bright and early Monday morning. Maron may sound a little nervous and breathless at times, but the episode maintains the frank, confessional tone that WTF is known for. Obama earnestly opens up about his childhood, racial tensions, gun violence, and the struggles of being leader of the free world in the early 21st century.


"I spend a lot of time just on policy and trying to get stuff right," Obama told Maron. "How do I make sure we create more jobs? … How do I prevent another Great Depression? How do I make sure folks get healthcare?

"But increasingly, I've spent my time thinking about how do I try and break out of these old patterns that our politics have fallen into. That's part of the reason I am here."

Last month, Marc Maron sat down with Fresh Air's Terry Gross for an interviewer clash of the titans, and now he's chatting with Obama at the Cat Ranch? The guy is killing it right now.

Listen to the interview on WTF's website here.

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