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Wow, This Is a Big Gator

It's very large and it's walking through a golf course.

When they're not eating one another, or getting dressed like humans, gators like to take casual strolls across golf courses, apparently.

Charles Helms was getting in a quick 18 holes at Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Palmetto, Florida, when he saw the gator so goddamn big he thought it wasn't real.

"I didn't know if we were being punked or something," Helms told ABC News when he saw the monster—roughly the size of a car—resting at the side of the course. Then it started rumbling slowly across the fairway and toward a lake. "I was stunned and silent" in the face of such a magnificently huge beast, he said.

Helms quickly took a video of the giant gator, which he estimates at around 15 feet. You can hear him wonder whether or not it's "two people in an alligator suit" and marvel at its size. "I've never seen a gator that big!" he says. You can almost feel the earth shake while it walks.

There's something quite otherworldly about the video Helms managed to capture, like he somehow transported back to a time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Watch it above and think about how this giant-ass gator could basically swallow you whole.

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