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A Trump Supporter Claims a Mexican Restaurant Is Discriminating Against Her

It's tough out there for people who support a guy who called Latinos rapists but still want to eat a burrito.
Image via Trump's web store and Flickr user Jeremy Keith

An Upstate New York woman is boycotting a Mexican restaurant after the co-owner allegedly kicked her out for wearing clothing that supports a guy who called all Latinos "rapists," the New York Postreports.

Esther Levy of Warwick, New York, told the Post that a waitress at Mexican eatery Cancun Inn asked Levy and her friend to leave because she was sporting a "Make America Great Again" hat and Trump button. Levy said that, as she left the restaurant, the shop's co-owner yelled, "We don't serve Trump supporters here. Get out of here, and never come back."

Alvin Goldstein, a retired judge who accompanied Levy to the restaurant, said that the co-owner "told me that Hillary was going to win" and seems deeply traumatized by the treatment. "It was horrific what happened," he reportedly said. "I'm not used to being thrown out of restaurants."

Trump, of course, is not shy when it comes to tossing around xenophobic and racist sentiments, saying that America should ban all Muslim people and that Mexicans are "bringing drugs [into the US]. They're bringing crime. They're rapists," while adding that "some, I assume, are good people."

The Mexican restaurant responded to the incident on Facebook, saying, "we have never, and will never discriminate against anyone based on race, religion, gender, sexual preference, or political beliefs… An employee of ours asked the patrons to leave because they were being rude to the staff and rowdy due to intoxication."

Whatever the reason, Trump should probably avoid Cancun Inn next time he gets a hankering for a taco bowl.