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Watch David Blaine Bring Drake’s World Crashing Down Around Him With a Magic Trick

There's a thing with a frog, and Drake is not amused.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

If you asked me to guess how Drake might react to having magic done in front of him, I would probably go with either 'childlike wonderment' (Drake asking the magician to do the trick over and over again and laughing louder every time) or 'terrified disbelief' (Drake made to feel vulnerable and frightened by something he, Drake, cannot understand). This clip from professional attention seeker/magician David Blaine's new TV special David Blaine: Beyond Magic appears to clear things up. At the beginning of the segment, Blaine asks Dave Chappelle, who is also there, to draw a small creature. Chappelle goes with a frog, and then David Blaine starts spitting frogs out of his mouth, presumably because he is David Blaine. And whilst Drake initially approaches the situation with the sort of manic laughter you would only expect from a man who does not fully understand the joke, as soon as the frog comes into play he looks to be overcome with fear and doubt, busting out standard Drake facial expressions that you can expect to see repurposed as memes before the day is out. Watch the full clip below:


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