Goodwood Atoms' "The End" Isn't a Finale, but a Big, Beautiful Beginning

Vancouverites know a thing or two about making engrossing indie rock.
December 7, 2016, 3:25pm

Photo by Owen Berry

Vancouver experimental fellows Goodwood Atoms have unveiled a new song entitled "The End," which seems like a counterintuitive thing to name a piece of music if it wasn't for the fact that this song is great. Slow-burning electronic percussion crests into several waves of spiralling guitar leads over the song's runtime, with vocalist Francis Hooper's falsetto guiding the way through the churning arrangement.

"Sometimes a song can completely transform when you play it consistently over a period of time," explains the band. "You feel compelled to change lyrics, rearrange parts, and write new melodies. This happened for us with 'The End', which was a work-in-progress for about a year. The final product is very different from our original demo. Fittingly, the song is about how this very kind of process is a part of life—allowing old ideas and old feelings to die and new ones to be born." Stream "The End" below.

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