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Savor What Is Fleeting and Watch darkDark's Video for "Moments"

Who are they? Who knows! But this song is dope and the video is very Moebius on a Japanese sojourn.

If you think we know what darkDARKlook like, well we don't. We're assuming there's a girl in there because the airy vocals on their debut track "Moments" sound decidedly female. It's a track—popped online about a month ago—that hovers in the same galaxy as Purity Ring with the Asiatic leanings of Totemo's "Hits" and Chairflift's "Ottawa to Osaka." This is further compounded by the beautifully animated video below.


"Inspired by the track's warmth and the depth of the vocal delivery, I found myself immediately enveloped by a sense of nostalgia and longing as I listened to 'Moments,'" explains director / animator George Harbeson. "Hoping to translate this impression into a visual style which would not only relay my personal response to the music, but remain feasible under a tight timeline, I turned to sources dear to my heart for reference. Both the barren deserts of the unparalleled French illustrator Moebius, and the quiet, ancillary moments of reflection sprinkled throughout my favorite Japanese animations informed the video aesthetically and thematically. Incorporating a very loose and ambiguous narrative, I intended a feeling of loneliness and lack of humanity to facilitate a sense that, while the whole may be greater than the sum of its parts, the moments which make up our memories can hold great significance and beauty nonetheless."

As for darkDark themselves, no info on who or how or what has been forthcoming, but they did say this: "We started 'Moments' with vocal samples and a few words we kept repeating. We're split between LA and Austin and we work in tandem when writing so we've found that imagining tracks as physical spaces or scenes keeps us on the same wavelength. For 'Moments' that scene was 'the space between'—those little fleeting, unfixed points in time that you wish you could keep."

Love the space between and watch below.