Feel Everything at Once with Plastic Flowers and "Falling Off"

Somewhere between the fuzzy misery of Slowdive and the shimmering optimism of Youth Lagoon, there is Plastic Flowers.
September 29, 2016, 10:11am

Plastic Flowers is the project of London via Greece multi-instrumentalist George Samaras, whose delicate dream-pop will immediately make you feel like a supporting character in an indie rom-com. His second full-length, Heavenly, (released earlier this year)​ is an immersive body of warm, experimental pop songs that land somewhere between the fuzzy misery of Slowdive and the shimmering optimism of Youth Lagoon. Today we're premiering his latest track, "Falling Off", taken from a 7" coming soon via The Native Sound​.


"This was a track that I couldn't record for months, and believe me I tried very very hard," Samaras tells Noisey over email, "After a few failed attempts I decided that it has to sound upbeat and not too dreamy like the rest of the songs on 'Heavenly'. Then I wrote the arrangements for the string quintet and since, I'm not a great musician I recorded multiple vocal melodies to find the notes and instruct the other musicians on what to play. I spent hours in my living room working with them – they most intense recording sessions of my life."

Listen below.

Press shot by Dimitra Gkouma​.