Get Some of That Good Old Rock‘n’Roll From Communions on “Got To Be Free”

This is the taste of being alive, baby... Alive!
October 19, 2016, 10:57am

Communions are a band that breathe the vigor of an early morning, and can connect families and generations. We've covered them a bunch of times in the past, like here​, and here​, and here​. But now they're returning with a new record called Blue, released with Fat Possum, and it's spearheaded by the single "Got To Be Free" which we are premiering in full fat audio content below.

This isn't a track that will save the world. It's not going to beat poverty or catalyse some new form of romance. ​But it does sound damn good. Put this on in the morning, drink a cool glass of juice, and taste the flavour of being alive, baby. Convince your dad to smoke pot and send him to the garage with "Got To Be Free" and watch him come back as a changed man. Get this record a damn sync deal, right now! This is hot, this is cool, this is the sound of windswept, good old rock'n'roll. Listen below.

Photo by Adrian Solberg