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Exclusive: Here's a Short Film from Taking Back Sunday

Watch 'The Making of Tidal Wave' on Noisey.

It's a hard slog for any band who bear the burden of an entire generation's worth of emo nostalgia to exist in the now. They either break up only to peek above ground for a reunion tour every few years, break up forever so the singer can pursue a solo career as a singer-songwriter or DJ, or evolve to write songs about real shit like parenthood only for people to scream eternally for the ones about being dumped in high school. Taking Back Sunday, who just released their seventh studio album, Tidal Wave, in September, fall into the latter category.


The band are very different to what they were ten years ago. They still write about their feelings, but these are the feelings of 30-something dads with a different set of problems. No longer, with their one last dying breath, will they apologise for bleeding on your shirt. Instead they will recommend you a good dry cleaners and foot the bill. ​​

Tidal Wave is a meditation on those aforementioned problems wrapped up in an optimistic ball of high-octane melodic punk rock that doesn't sound like anything they've released before – but still sounds very much like Taking Back Sunday, because it's impossible for them not to. It's not that they're trying to get away from their past; they're fine with you holding a torch to any of their albums as long as you have a good time doing it. In an interview​ with GQ over the summer, Adam Lazzara's instructions for listening to the new record were to "just play it really loud."

And now, Taking Back Sunday have made a short film about the making of Tidal Wave, featuring studio footage, band memberstalking about what went into the record, their families, and what the record means to them. You can watch it in full exclusively on Noisey below, but first, a word from John Nolan:

"Recording this album at Sioux Sioux studios was a great experience. I think that it influenced the record in a lot of ways. It's tucked away in a little corner of a neighbourhood not far from where Adam and I live and surrounded by a bamboo forest. The vibe of the place and it's closeness to home made recording Tidal Wave a really fun and unique experience. Our friend Shamus Coneys filmed us on and off throughout the process and put together this wonderful short film about it. I hope you enjoy it!"​