TassNata With Rich Kidd and Tona on “Let’s Go” is a Blessing of a Throwback

The classics always shine and the B.C. rapper's new video is no different.
November 2, 2016, 2:50pm

Do we really need more bass-driven trap music? Obviously. But sometimes you need a throwback to wake you up. BC rapper TassNata along with Rich Kidd and Tona have resurrected a classic on "Let's Go." Producer Tone Mason flipped Bob & Earl's "Harlem Shuffle," the backbone track on House Of Pain's "Jump Around." Directed and edited by Dan Lemoyne, the "Let's Go" video has TassNata, Rich Kidd and Tona appear in the rap fantasy of a kid (Kwaku). "Got many women grabbing on my North Pole," TassNata spits. Shakespeare.


"Rich Kidd went in first and I was dying laughing because this guy literally had no voice [because he had bronchitis]," TassNata said of the recording session at Post Office Sound in Toronto, "Then [he] goes in the booth and starts yelling a hook that felt like MOP meets Fatman Scoop.  We had a camera man in there and he just started doing push-ups and shit, while Tona was doing wheelies in an invisible wheelchair.  We came out with 'Let's Go,' and definitely one of the 'funnest sessions I've been a part of.  Working with guys like Tona and Rich is always a blessing." Watch TassNata's "Let's Go" below:'

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