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Watch Drake and Future Ineffectually Coach a Women's Soccer Team in "Used To This"

The track is the first single from Future's upcoming 'Beast Mode 16.'
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

It's been confirmed that Beast Mode 16, Future's full length follow-up to 2015's Beast Mode is ready, so naturally for its first single he has enlisted his longtime collaborator and BFFL Drake to lend a hand. The video for "Used To This" – an autotune-heavy, piano-led radio banger – takes place between a stadium show and a women's soccer game, presumably as a #metaphor of some sort about how being a successful rapper is just like playing sports because WINNING. Butts also feature heavily.  Given that the majority of the clip takes place on the pitch, I have some concerns about this particular football team. Firstly, these players cannot possibly play safely without shin pads and in shorts this arse-hugging. Secondly, as their coaches, Drake and Future are not invested enough: Future is too busy stunting for the camera, whilst Drake, not for the first time I feel, is totally pre-occupied by having an emotional moment near a fence. So whilst the lads get zero points for accuracy (a real football video would involve at least two fights), the song itself is a definite bop, signalling more good things to come from Future, who has also dropped three mixtapes this year alone, as 2016 draws to a close. Watch the video below:


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