Still Lives: Jazz Cartier Talks About What Comfort Means to Him

The 'Prince of Toronto' outlines his style guide on art and music.
August 19, 2016, 1:21pm

Jazz Cartier is a self-made phenom. The 23-year-old rapper has earned his title as “Prince of Toronto” without any of the public co-signs that are often crucial for a budding artist’s growth in his city. He’s built his empire simply by continuing to thrill, an act that seems to come natural to him.

Over the last couple of years, Cartier (aka Jaye Adams) has become Canada’s hottest rap star, rising up to mainstream consciousness as an independent artist and gaining a massive following both domestically and internationally. With his producer Michael Lantz, Cartier has created a style of music they call “cinematic trap” that flushes out a dark, dank backdrop that allows Cartier to spit his intrepid and versatile flow.


After releasing his latest mixtape, Hotel Paranoia, back in February, Cartier has spent the better part of 2016 performing all over the world, including show-stopping sets at some of Europe’s biggest festivals. Sure people like to say Drake and the Weeknd opened the door for Canadian hip-hop, but Jazz Cartier is certainly forging his own unique path on the other side.

Noisey: When it comes to art and clothing, what does comfort mean to you?
Jazz Cartier: You have to be comfortable before you do anything in regards to art and music. For me personally, it just means to have a clear head going into everything you do.

How do you express comfort in your style?
I just do things without putting much thought into it. That's when it's most natural.

What is the relationship between your style and your music?
They both go hand in hand. A song can be inspired by the way I'm dressed in the studio that day.

Whose style do you admire?
Jazz Cartier and Alessandro Michele.

Is comfort something you want to feel when you're making music?
If I'm not comfortable there's no point in even doing it. Comfort physically and mentally. When I’m at home, in the studio or just on my own down time, I ONLY rock ROOTS sweats.

Cam Lindsay is a writer based in Toronto and welcomes sweater weather. Follow him on Twitter.

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