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Gays: Taking Over Soho!

April 18, 2011, 12:16pm

On Friday a gay-kissing flashmob was organised to take place inside the John Snow pub in Soho. The fuss was over some guy who tweeted this:

Yes, I know, it's a weird one: Some guy tweets something about a landlord being a homophobe and without question a whole bunch of people plan a protest. I mean, the John Snow is a pretty popular pub in Soho, it seems unlikely that this was the first time two guys have kissed inside it, right? Whatever, I guess we face a special type of hardship being gay in London. It's not like we live on a kibbutz or in a Saudi Arabian quarry, we almost never get to feel this self-righteous, so forgive us for making a fuss.

Sensibly, the landlords closed the pub for the evening. So everyone gathered outside. I arrived just in time for the big count down: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1….

WOOOOH! Eight or nine gay couples kissing in the street in Soho, the gayest location in one of the most gay-accepting countries on earth. TAKE THAT FASCISM!

And that was sort of it. For the rest of the evening, people stood around drinking and taking it in turns to kiss in the pub doorway.

Mostly this woman. I'm not sure why she came dressed as a menopausal Juggalette, but everyone was pretty hyped about tonguing the shit out of her.

Halfway through this brave display, someone pointed out to me that this lady wasn't just kissing other ladies, but men too. I hadn't noticed because I don't see gender, just PEOPLE.

Surprisingly the old straight photographers from mainstream publications seemed to be giving way more coverage to the young lesbian kissers than the older guy kissers. I can't think why.

Are you telling me the readers of The Star can't see the beauty of this?

This is the couple who had been thrown out. The crowd was chanting at them to kiss, but they wouldn't so they got booed. Being humiliated for not kissing by gay solidarity groups who came to support you after you were humiliated for kissing… I feel like there might be some kind of ironical message about "freedom" buried in this.

Anyway, as someone who has seen several body language experts analyse celebrity photos on This Morning, I'm gonna say that the dude on the right is the one who didn't want to. Awkward!

It certainly was. Great job everyone!