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Vice Fashion - Iraqi Memorabilia

Photos by Emma AndreaStyling by Christine Gustafsson
March 1, 2007, 12:00am

PHOTOS: Emma Andrea/studiofdc STYLIST: Christine Gustafsson/Pression
HAIR: Emil Boström/Tempel Lounge with Redken MAKE-UP: Jennie Andersson with Face Stockholm
PHOTOGRAPHER'S ASSISTANT: Marika Blomgren Many thanks to Sentral & Stuk

Carin Wester trousers, Ann-Sofie Back T-shirt, Melissa by Alexandre Herchcovich, bracelets stylist’s own


Vice: If you had been able to bring just one thing with you from Iraq when you left, what would it have been?


This teddy bear. My granddad gave it to me on the day I was born. I haven’t seen him since 1991, on the day I left Iraq.

Acne bib overalls, Vivienne Westwood vintage shirt

NOOR, 23

Vice: Is that Saddam?


Yes, these Iraqi 100 dinar bills have his face on them. This one is over 10 years old.

Why does it make you homesick for Iraq?

It’s from a bus ride I took with my sister when we were living in Iraq. We were arguing about whose turn it was to pay, and this note was left over. We wrote the date on the back of it to remember the fight.

Julian Red tank top, WeSC cardigan, Umbro by Kim Jones jacket, Penguin chinos, Umbro by Kim Jones sneakers

EHAB, 18

Vice: What’s your favourite Iraqi belonging?


This sidara. It’s a hat that doctors and teachers wear.

Where did you get it?

It used to belong to my granddad. He gave it to me five years ago, when I moved to Sweden.

Did your granddad move too?

No, I came here with my family. My granddad is dead now.

Umbro by Kim Jones polo-neck, Julian Red jeans, Puma shoes


Vice: You’re a photographer?


It’s just a hobby.

What was the strangest thing you ever photographed in Iraq?

I don’t know, I mostly just take photos of my friends. Before I left Iraq I took photos of everyone I know. Even my teachers and the trees around our house.

Lee jeans, Fred Perry shirt, Sonia Rykiel vintage sweater, Celine belt, shoes photographer’s own


Vice: What’s the best thing about your Iraqi clothes?


I like the genuine, ethnic needlework in a lot of the clothes. This is my favourite dress.

Where did you get it?

Öland, Sweden. Ha ha.

Lee jeans, Diesel T-shirt, Umbro by Kim Jones hoodie, Fred Perry shoes

ALI, 26

Vice: Smoking reminds you of Iraq?


Yeah, I love it. My aunt brought this back for me from Iraq two years ago, just for me.