Please, Soak in this Footage of Sting and Shaggy Singing for the Queen

Bow in the presence of greatness—and the Queen of England.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
April 23, 2018, 10:03am

On Friday (4/20 blaze it for the love god just blaze it), an album which I am certain will go down as 2018's most bizarre release was born into the world: Sting and Shaggy's um, collaborative offering, 44/87. It is now a living, breathing thing. We are, you'll agree, all better for the existence of this piece of art.

And what better way for the lads to celebrate their hard work than to play a special concert? Release shows are pretty customary, but when you're as big and as strange a deal as Sting and Shaggy, you've got to do something pretty massive. So, pretty lucky that their album came out right around the 92nd birthday of the Queen of England, init? Even luckier that they were asked to play her televised birthday concert on Saturday, along with a load of other people who happened to be currently doing promo, isn't it?

Joining a "star-studded" lineup which included Craig David and Harry Hill, the duo were introduced by host Zoe Ball as "one of the most surprising—but genius!—collaborations of 2018" and also "Staggy." They're more likely known by the rest of us as "lmfao wait I didn't dream this when I had the flu?" But whatever: they gave a rendition of their joint track "Don't Make Me Wait," all the same. Between Shaggy calling himself "Mr Lover" within the first ten seconds of the performance and Sting just kind of standing there with an expression on his face that implies he has no idea how the events of his life have lead to this moment, it's a thing of true and real beauty, and you can watch it above. Unfortunately, there were no closeups of the Queen but I think she was probably vibing. If anyone has access to her review of the show, hit me up.

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