Aquarius, May 2018


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Aquarius, May 2018

Your ruling planet Uranus changes signs this month.
illustrated by Nicole Ginelli

It’s Taurus season, Aquarius, which means that the Sun is shining down on a very private sector of your chart. Issues concerning your home and family, as well as your childhood and past, are coming up for you to work with. Themes around security, privacy, and boundaries are also on your mind. You don’t like to dwell on the past, but you’ll be in a nostalgic and emotional mood during the first few weeks of the month.


This is a crucial time to reflect on the support systems in your life, to energetically cleanse your home (mop the floors, banish demons, you know), and to do things to comfort and nourish yourself. Communication planet Mercury enters Taurus on May 13, which will help you work out plans and share ideas with your roommates, your family, and the people you’re closest to.

Big changes are coming to your home life, Aquarius. You may be moving, or perhaps your family dynamic is shifting, or maybe you’re just totally ready for a clean slate. May 15 will be a huge day this month for you: Not only will there be a new moon in Taurus, bringing a fresh start to your private life, but your planetary ruler Uranus will also change signs today. Uranus shifts signs every eight years, so this is big; it’ll remain in Taurus until 2026!

Uranus is the planet of innovation and freedom. This means major upgrades will come to your home life, but so will upheaval. Revolution follows Uranus wherever it goes, and so does surprise. Expect the unexpected to take place in your home and family life — you’ll be breaking free from tradition and the expectations your family has for you.

Action planet Mars enters your sign and squares off with your planetary ruler Uranus on May 16: Watch out for arguments! And for klutziness, too — a spontaneous, impulsive energy will be in the air. You’ll be in a more competitive and confrontational mood than normal with action planet Mars in your sign; don’t be surprised if people find you to be intimidating. You’ll be ready to end situations that aren’t working — even if your approach might seem abrupt.


Expect the unexpected to take place in your home and family life — you’ll be breaking free from tradition and the expectations your family has for you.

Communication planet Mercury makes a harmonious connection with your other planetary ruler, Saturn, on May 18, helping to create a focused and productive energy. You’re very logical, but don’t ignore your intuition today — it’s going to be sharp! This is also a great time to discuss plans around emotionally charged issues or to express something that’s been difficult to put into words. Saturn might be the grumpy taskmaster of the zodiac, but when it comes through, it’s a very supportive, grounding energy!

Self-care will be a major theme once Venus enters sensitive water sign Cancer on May 19 — make an effort to break your bad habits. Venus in Cancer may find you running into some cuties as you run your daily chores. Be on the lookout when you’re at the laundromat or the supermarket. Venus rules love, but it also rules cash: Blessings will be flowing your way during this transit if you’re looking for more work.

Venus also rules beauty, making this a marvelous time to rethink your beauty routine, get a haircut, or hit the spa. Our relationships, our health, and our work all need daily maintenance. As Venus transits nurturing Cancer, ask yourself what’s important to you when it comes to building routine and ritual in these Venusian parts of your life.


The Sun enters fellow air sign Gemini on May 20, bringing about a huge shift in energy. Fun will be in the air, you’ll be in the mood to celebrate, flirtatious energy will be flowing, and you’ll be feeling creatively inspired! Gemini season is a party for you, little water bearer.

Jupiter will connect with Neptune on May 25, which will also be a brilliantly creative time for you, especially at work or around money. This will be a fantastic day to step on stage and show off what you can do. Want a raise? Need more cash? Lucky Jupiter and the fantastical Neptune will bring it your way. But be wary: If you use this abundant energy to come by cash in a dishonest way, the opposition between Venus and Saturn on May 26 will find you facing reality and having to navigate some difficult obstacles. Know your worth, but don’t overblow it (or undersell yourself!).

A full moon in Sagittarius arrives on May 29, bringing some drama to your social life. It might be time to end some relationships that don’t have the depth, creative spark, joy, or shared vision you’re looking for. Emotionally, you’ll find yourself realizing what your hopes and dreams for the future are under the light of this full moon. The mood will be emotional, but people will be eager to talk things out, especially with Mercury entering Gemini on the same day. A climax is sure to come to a creative project or fling. While many projects or relationships may start cooling down now, new information will come to light, giving you plenty to chew on over the next few weeks.

Good luck this month, Aquarius, and see you in June!