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Yukon Blonde Are Erratic and Lovesick On "Crazy"

Synth is the only cure.
Photo courtesy of the band

Centuries of art and culture have taught us true love is only a few steps away from madness—or at the very least outright stupidity. When it comes to matters of the heart, the brain is really just along for the ride. Yukon Blonde has released a soaring synth-pop song called "Crazy" that is the perfect jam for dancing and falling foolishly into the depths of an emotional disaster. The rock band from Kelowna, British Columbia sing on the track, "I'm not crazy about you, I'm just crazy crazy crazy." Honestly, same.


"The idea for the song came about just before a show in Munich at the end of the tour," Jeffrey Innes wrote to Noisey about the song. "I was just outside of the club and I could hear the rest of the band sound checking one of our songs. I had the chords mixed up in my mind so it sounded like a completely different tune. As I was humming this melody outside, I was simultaneously trying to think of what to say to defend my slightly erratic behaviour to a girl I had met in Spain. And so as I was writing to her, I ended up writing the lyrics to the song." Listen to Yukon Blonde's "Crazy" below:

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