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Watch All These Famous Males Shine in Charli XCX's Video for "Boys"

Mac Demarco shreds shirtless on guitar, and Khalid plays with puppies. Not sure what else you need in life.

Today Charli XCX released her new single "Boys," accompanied by a star-studded video featuring over 60 male musicians and entertainers, including DRAM, Jack Antonoff, Joe Jonas, Joey Bada$$, and tons more. The video, directed by Charli herself, features a montage of all the boys performing a range of activities, from Vampire Weekend member Ezra Koenig brushing his teeth, to Brendon Urie laying in a field of roses. Essentially, all your fantasies spun together in under three minutes. With a horde of desirable men (and the Fat Jew) doin' things, literally every frame of this video is instant meme content. The song itself reflects Charli's penchant for making songs with summer vibes, a dreamy electronic tune complete with video game samples and a catchy hook. Charli XCX released her mixtape Number 1 Angel earlier this year, and was also featured on Mura Masa's single "1 Night" shortly after. Check out the video above.