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WATCH: Our New Film About a Guy Being Injected with Ketamine

'Eternal K-Hole of the Spotless Mind' follows a young man's quest to curb his drinking with the help of ketamine.

How much do you think you drink? Chances are, if you're British, it's too much. We drink like fish on pingers. We're the international alcoholics. We should probably give it a rest. But, for some, the usual routes of drink-curbing just don't work – or maybe leave them too open to "relapse". Luckily, there are currently new ways to stop the boozing being trialled, and one of them involves ketamine.

In our new film, Eternal K-Hole of the Spotless Mind, we follow student Timmy Davis as he attempts to lower his alcohol intake with a medically administered ketamine infusion, which messes with the positive associations with alcohol in his head.

Can K – the party drug used by crusties and people who think it's coke, but it's not coke, and they quickly find out it's definitely not coke – really be used to treat alcoholism? And if so, what else could it be used to treat?