Libra, July 2017


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Libra, July 2017

Your professional goals will be a major focus this month, but so will connecting with friends.

Welcome to Cancer season! The Sun is shining brightly on your achievements, Libra. Cancer season is all about your reputation and career. Cancer, the crab, has an energy that's creative yet tenacious. And you, Libra, have both the talent and the patience to succeed. What you don't always have is the tough shell needed to take criticism. Learning from your shortcomings, and being able to accept that what you offer isn't for everyone, is only going to help you go further.


Tension at work and in your personal life arrives early when Mars, in Cancer, opposes Pluto, in Capricorn, on July 2. Mars is the planet of war, and Pluto is the lord of the underworld. So you can imagine it's not a pretty sight when these two energies clash. There's major friction between your personal and public life. You're questioning who you can trust, and you're feeling overwhelmed by the aggressive energy.

It's important to reconnect with your sense of safety and security. The smartest thing is to bring in a third party to mediate. Another fantastic way to deal with the harsh energy is by having sex. Mars and Pluto are planets that love to fight, but they're also planets that love to fuck.

Another stressful day to watch for is July 10, when the Sun will also oppose Pluto. Again, issues of privacy, and your life in the public eye, are prominent. Watch for control freaks and manipulators, but be open to change—don't be a control freak yourself!

Your planetary ruler, Venus, enters fellow Air sign Gemini on July 4, inspiring you to look outside your everyday sphere for creative inspiration, beauty, and love. You're in the mood to travel and see what else the world has to offer. Like you, Gemini is a curious and intellectual energy. This period will be inspirational and bring you intellectual growth.

Communication planet Mercury enters Leo on July 5. This is a fantastic time for networking. Leo is a warm, gregarious energy that is compatible with your charming, social nature. Expect to meet new friends who share your vision for the future.


The full moon in Capricorn arrives on July 8, or 9, if you're on the East Coast, which pushes you to find a better balance between your personal and public life. Remember the drama that went down earlier this month, with Pluto and Mars? Similar issues will reappear as you realize where you stand on many complicated topics.

Venus in Gemini squares (a tense astrological aspect) Neptune, in Pisces, on July 17, stirring up insecurities, heartache, paranoia, and confusion. Neptune is the planet of illusion and delusion, so it can be easy to get carried away, tricking yourself into believing in an alternate reality. This can be a difficult time to find clear perspective. Rather than sitting in anxiety, use Neptune's artistic energy to create art, get lost in a book, or tap into your spirituality.

The confusion will lift, and you'll feel more confident, on July 18, when Venus makes an easy connection with Jupiter. This bodes well for travel (or even school, if you're studying this summer), and will boost your optimism.

Mars enters Fire sign Leo on July 20, soon followed by the Sun on July 22, kicking off Leo season! Again, this will be a spectacular time to network and meet new people. Figuring out which social circles you belong to, and which clubs you want to associate with, will be a focus.

If you're in a witchy mood, break out your tarot cards; ask how you can achieve your hopes and dreams. Leo season is not just about socializing for you, Libra, but also about you connecting with your heart's purpose. Leo is the sign that rules the heart (each zodiac sign rules a part of the body), so trust yours to guide you in the right direction.


Venus opposes Saturn on July 24, which will be one of the harder days for you, lovely Libra. Saturn is the planet of fears, boundaries, and restrictions, themes that your ruling planet, Venus, does not care for. Venus values love and beauty, things Saturn doesn't think much about. So, when these two planets clash, feelings of rejection, or a lack of empathy, are in the atmosphere.

Communication planet Mercury enters Virgo on July 25, activating a psychic sector of your chart. You may find that you want to spend more time alone. Your psychic abilities are boosted, and with that, you may want to stay away from negative people, because you simply won't have the mental capacity for it.

Virgo is ruled by the hermit card in the tarot, so you may find yourself on a journey, away from society, to find your inner truth. Escape to the beach, perhaps, and gaze at the sunset, which is the inspiration for your glyph, Libra, based on the Egyptian hieroglyph, Akhet, of the sun on the horizon.

Excitement arrives on July 20, when Venus connects with Uranus in Aries. There's a spontaneous energy, so go out with friends and see what happens. Sparks will fly in your love life, and, even if you're not in the mood, expect fun romantic and social surprises.

Venus enters Cancer on July 31, bringing blessings of fame and fortune. The month opened with the Sun in Cancer, inspiring you to focus on your professional goals. July closes with Venus creating good energy for these themes as well. Cancer stones are pearls and moonstones, so wear some at your next big meeting, Libra. See you in August!