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Jimmy Prime's "Moscow Mule" Video Is 2017's Absurdities in a Nutshell

The two defining avatars of this era: the Kremlin and anime.

We live in a time when internet Nazis with anime display pics harass Twitter users while the world's previously intelligent brains have gone mad, speculating on whether Vladimir Putin is secretly a Terminator or whatever. Canada doesn't really give a shit about that (the Russia stuff, harassment is a serious issue). Thusly, Toronto's Jimmy Prime is free to move about these two obsessions without breaking a sweat in his video for "Moscow Mule" off his strong Bleeding Bull tape. It was apparently filmed near the actual Kremlin and features Jimmy rapping in front of what looks like a hentai mosaic. Yes, actually. Toronto is basically Akhibara 2.0 at this point. Watch the "Moscow Mule" video above