Virgo, August 2017
Illustration by Nicole Ginelli 


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Virgo, August 2017

Massive changes are coming!

"Organized" is a word often tied to your zodiac sign; however, things won't be orderly this month, Virgo—massive changes are coming! This is thanks to Mercury, your planetary ruler, going retrograde in your sign, as well as the eclipses, which will bring massive reveals, endings, and, of course, new beginnings. Let's see what August has in store.

Jupiter is in Libra, bringing blessings to the financial sector of your chart. On August 4, it will square (one of the more intense astrological aspects) power planet Pluto, which is in fellow Earth sign Capricorn—a sign that's driven as hell, and doesn't stop until it gets what it wants!


This is a potent time to build wealth; however, watch for greed, manipulation, and obsessive behavior. Everyone seems to have an agenda—what's yours?

A lunar eclipse in Aquarius arrives August 7—things start to get messy now. Don't expect anything to go as planned. Don't overbook yourself, either—you'll be exhausted, emotionally and physically.

Expect a schedule overhaul—big shifts at work are likely. Endings are likely—as are major reveals. It's hard to keep a secret during an eclipse. Examine your health issues and bad habits. Virgos are famous for being perfectionists, but perfection comes at a cost: Is it worth it?

Mercury retrograde kicks off (in your sign!) on August 12. Mercury retrogrades can be a drag. We've all heard the warnings. Don't sign contracts. Don't travel—unless you want to face delays. Don't buy expensive products, especially electronics, since things tend to break or get lost. Mercury rules communication and commerce, so anything under that realm is at risk. During retrograde, Virgo's organizational skills are thrown out the window!

But Mercury retrogrades aren't all terrible. They're a great time to pick up old projects, or to slow down. Expect to run into people from your past. (This could suck or be awesome!) Even though you might be prone to misplacing your keys during retrograde, objects that have gone missing may show up again. News that never made its way to your ear could finally arrive.


You're an analytical person, Virgo, and the choices you make are well thought out; however, new information may come to light as a result of the Mercury retrograde (and this month's eclipses!). The info may find you reconsidering a few things.

Have I mentioned that there are not one, but two eclipses this month? Eclipses come in pairs every six months. (So no, this isn't some freak occurrence.) The solar eclipse in Leo lands August 21, activating a psychic, private sector of your chart, Virgo. Secrets and mysteries are revealing themselves. Also, you're tired as hell. So tired.

You need to recharge and spend time away from everyone. Other people's bad vibes are toxic! You'll receive powerful messages through your dreams, and as usual with eclipses, something you were unable to see or understand will present itself to you.

Virgo season begins August 22. Happy solar return! You'll be in a less private mood, in general, while the Sun shines in your sign; although, again, don't schedule too many things because you'll still be coming down from that intense eclipse!

Supportive, productive energy flows on August 22, the start of Virgo season. Action planet Mars makes a harmonious connection with Saturn. The atmosphere around your home and family is supportive, and emotionally, this is a day to set boundaries or talk about commitments.

For your birthday, what should you ask for? Your symbol in the tarot is the Hermit card, and what with these intense eclipses exhausting you, a solo spa day, with no one around to annoy the fuck out of you, sounds perfect. You're an Earth sign, so lovely succulents make a fine gift, and with Mercury (the planet of the mind) as your ruler, books, fancy pens, and journals are safe bets.

On August 25, or 26, if you're on the East Coast, Venus enters Leo. Leo is a flashy Fire sign—flashy isn't really your thing. Public displays of affection freak you out. While sweet and sexy Venus is in Leo, you'll want to be private about your love life, as well as your finances, being that Venus rules love and money. A secret affair is possible—you might not like PDAs, but private love letters make you hot!

The Sun meets your ruling planet, Mercury, in your sign, Virgo, on August 26, so mark this day on your calendar as one of interest, especially as a turning point concerning an idea or conversation you want to have. Mercury then reenters Leo on August 31, stirring up issues from late July for you to reconsider.

You can't make a good decision unless you have all the information. But how can you be sure you know everything you need to know? You can't. You just have to trust your intuition and wait for an eclipse, or Mercury retrograde, to reveal a bunch of secrets! By the end of this month, Virgo, plenty of things in your life will be rearranged—and you'll have the knowledge you need to make the changes you need to make. Good luck, and see you in September!