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Fox News: We Can Save Kids From School Shooters By Shooting Schools With This Water Cannon

A Fox News video is seriously advocating the use of a militarized water cooler cannon as a way to evacuate kids from schools.
Image: Fox News

America has a rampant problem with school shootings and in recent months this has led to a sustained, student-led movement calling for stricter gun control. But for people who are concerned about the Man taking away their assault rifles, Fox has an alternative solution for keeping kids safe at school: Why don’t we use weaponized water coolers to punch holes in walls and evacuate the children during active shooter situations?


I wish this was a joke, but I am being 100 percent serious. In a video posted on the Fox News website yesterday, Allison Barrie, a “defense specialist” and consultant, makes the case for using a water bottle cannon to save kids’ lives. Barrie, who claims to be “very committed to scouring the United States for the latest technology our military is using that our students might benefit from,” recently came across the BCB Wall Breaker. This is essentially a high velocity, air-pressure powered cannon that shoots a five gallon water jug through walls.

Barrie said she was “really excited” to see the technology demonstrated outside MacDill Air Force Base near Tampa, Florida last week. The conference she was attending is designed to demonstrate weapons for special forces operatives.

“Active shooter situations just erupt, so we need to be able to source things from your immediate environment and respond to needs on the ground,” Barrie says in the video.

As far as I can tell, no one in the military has suggested this water bottle cannon should be used anywhere near a school. But Barrie nevertheless makes a case that it can be used to rescue kids by punching holes in school walls while military videos of water bottles puncturing brick walls and the walls of vehicles play behind her.

“Here’s the scenario: We’ve got a school and children are barricaded into classrooms, we’ve got a couple of shooters roaming the halls,” Barrie says. “Law enforcement arrives, they know the children are safely barricaded in the classrooms, but they have no way of extracting them safely. What if we were able to just roll up this cannon and punch escape holes into those walls and let the children escape?”

What if, indeed.