Incredibly Hungover Dude Saved by Above-and-Beyond Pizza Delivery Guy

There are house calls, and then there are bed calls.
May 24, 2017, 2:00pm

We've all been there: Curled up in bed after a long, hazy night of happy hour beers followed by penny shots, the solemn weight of a crippling hangover making it seemingly impossible to move. You know you should eat, but the idea of shifting even mere inches—much less facing the outside world—is unbearable.

One British man who found himself in this age-old position hit the jackpot this week when he scored the ultimate in pizza delivery guy customer service. Facing a hangover that could only be described as "sinister," Sam Zegrour of Bury, Manchester placed a unique delivery order—and went viral because of it.

In an amazing two-part Facebook post, Zegrour tells a mini-saga of a hungover order gone right. In the first photo, Zegrour (who apparently doesn't know the keyboard command for screenshots) posts a photo of his Domino's order screen, issuing a desperate plea in the Driver Instructions section: "Sinister Hangover Door open Please bring upstairs"—his condition too weak to muster any kind of basic punctuation.

Then, in the next photo, Zegrour captures his polo-wearing hero smiling proudly with a stack of red boxes as the Manchester man maintains his position in bed.

Since being posted on May 20, the post has been shared over 22,000 times, racking up nearly 9,000 comments and 26,000-plus likes from admirers of the delivery man's unlikely act of heroism.

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A hero to hangover sufferers and the lazy bums everywhere, the identity of the now-iconic delivery man—like that of all of the greatest masked crusaders—remains a mystery. However, given the fact Millennials are apparently ordering up to ten pizzas a month each, he is a truly a hero we can all get behind.

For those who don't have a sympathetic delivery person at their disposal, these easy hangover cures might be the best chance for a quick and painless recovery. That is, until the #blessed day pizza drones start making house calls.