Scorpio, May 2017
Illustration by Nicole Ginelli

Scorpio, May 2017

There's a full moon in your sign this month, Scorpio! May is all about your relationships—the sexy ones and the platonic ones, too.
May 1, 2017, 1:00pm

You're dark as fuck, little scorpion, but let's hope you're still enjoying spring's flowers! May opens with the Sun in sensual Earth sign Taurus, shining on the relationship sector of your chart; however, work, your schedule, and even your health are distracting you from concentrating on relationships.

This distraction is due to Mercury, which is retrograde in Aries, creating delays, miscommunications, and technical difficulties in your everyday routine. Fortunately, Mercury turns direct on May 3, so you won't have to wait long for things to clear up. But wait until then to make important, permanent changes to your schedule.


The second week of the month is profound as fuck: Not only will the Sun make a lovely connection to Pluto (one of your ruling planets along with Mars) but then there will be a full moon in your sign! What does it all mean?

Powerful energy flows on May 9 when the Sun, in Taurus, connects with Pluto, in Capricorn. Your powers of manifestation will be ultra strong, so start making phone calls—you know what you want, and you know just who to talk to to get it!

The full moon—in your sign!—arrives May 10, bringing a climax (you love a climax) to your relationships.

You'll find a deeper understanding of the dynamics in your relationships, and this is an especially potent time for a heart-to-heart. Not interested in getting closer to someone? That's fine, because this is also the perfect time to cut someone out of your life (or rid yourself of situations, or even objects, that aren't serving you). This is a transformative time for healing, whether that means digging deeper into an issue, creating more intimacy, or finding closure. Your psychic abilities will be heightened, too, so meditate, and see what messages arrive, or break out your tarot cards.

The full moon—in your sign!—arrives May 10, bringing a climax (you love a climax) to your relationships. This isn't just your romantic partnerships; you're likely to see culminations in all the relationships in your life, be they romantic, professional, or platonic.


You're going to crave more attention than usual, Scorpio (the moon is in your sign, after all), and people who can't respect your need to put yourself first will have to get out of your way. You've been doing a lot for others lately, and it's time to do things for you.

If I had to choose one word for you, little Scorpion, for this second week of May, it would be answers—you've been looking for them, and now they'll be found. Emotional and exhausting, full moons also usually come with a reality check—and this full moon is in your sign, Scorpio, the sign of the investigator! Your detective skills, combined with the light of the full moon, plus Pluto's influence over the underworld and all things hidden, will result in massive reveals.

People who can't respect your need to put yourself first will have to get out of your way.

Messenger planet Mercury enters Taurus on May 15, West Coast, May 16, East Coast, illuminating the partnership sector of your chart, so expect the people you're in relationships with to get chatty. Conversations that began in mid-April, but that didn't go much of anywhere, will pick back up again.

Mercury in Taurus can be an awkward combination of energies—Mercury is quick and flexible, while Taurus is slow and set in its ways—but when the energy is used effectively, the atmosphere feels productive and determined. Just be careful; people will be stubborn right now. Appeal to them by bringing cakes or flowers, or by sending cute thank-you cards—thanks to all the Taurus energy in the air, people will eat that shit up and be more willing to communicate.


The Sun enters Gemini on May 20, activating an intimate sector of your chart, Scorpio. Taurus season was about connecting with people intellectually and working out the give-and-take in relationships; however, Gemini season is about taking things to the bedroom (or, for professional relationships, signing that check!).

Friendships will grow deeper as you all share secrets (Gemini energy is all about exchanging stories) and, knowing how you are, Scorpio, after a risky game of truth or dare, you'll all be blood siblings who can't be torn apart by time, space, or bad vibes.

Gemini season is about taking things to the bedroom (or, for professional relationships, signing that check!).

Sex and money (particularly shared resources) will be big topics, and magic will be in the air. Gemini season is also brilliant for any magical workings you're up to, as well as psychic development. This is also a powerful time for letting go and finding closure. If you're mourning the loss of a person in your life, or are going through a hard transition, the Sun, in mutable Air sign Gemini, will help you through this difficult passage. Use Gemini's vibe by finding trustworthy people you can talk freely with.

A fresh start for all these intimate, complex, and deep issues in your life (everything from sex to debts to spiritual transformation) will arrive on May 25 thanks to the new moon in Gemini; however, the energy will be turbulent due to Venus also clashing with Pluto.

Jealousy will be in the air, and relationships that have been built on shaky (possessive, insecure) ground will be rocked. Watch out for manipulators, and take the red flags in your relationships seriously. People will say whatever they can to get whatever they want; don't fall for any of it—trust your gut, Scorpio!

Your traditional planetary ruler, Mars, in Gemini, will oppose Saturn, in Sagittarius, on May 28, West Coast, May 29, East Coast, which will present obstacles and slow things down. Now is not the time to push ahead. Rejection is in the air, and people are feeling angry— avoid confrontation today.

Mars makes a harmonious connection with brilliant, electric Uranus, in Aries, on May 30, putting you in an adventurous mood (this should be especially fun in the bedroom). Shit's about to get weird—but in a good way! See you in June!