Pisces, February 2017


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Pisces, February 2017

There's an eclipse in your sign this month, Pisces! Your life will not be the same by the time February is through.

February is action-packed, Pisces. There are two eclipses (one of which is in your sign!); your ruling planet, Jupiter, will begin its retrograde; and the Sun will enter your sign! Life will never be the same again after this month (eclipses have a way of doing that). Let's see how you can make the best of all these planetary movements.

Mercury in Capricorn clashes with Jupiter in Libra on February 2, which will be stressful for your social life, but it could push some important conversations to happen around trust and values. We don't usually ask our friends, Where do you see yourself in 5 years? That's typically something we discuss on dates and job interviews, but this month, Pisces, you're not interested in fucking around with anyone who doesn't share your vision of the future.


Mercury and Jupiter will help you figure out with whom you can get close today, but in truth, you might also realize that not everyone needs to be your absolutely bestie; having some casual connections and friendships is healthy and fine, too!

Money will also be on you mind as a result of Mercury and Jupiter facing off—especially other people's resources, money you owe others, taxes, and even inheritances. If you've been avoiding paying a debt (and, hey, this could be an apology or some closure, not just a financial debt), you will be pushed to take care of it at this time.

Life will never be the same again after this month (eclipses have a way of doing that).

Good vibes will begin flowing around cash and confidence when Venus enters Aries on February 3. Your biggest turn-on while Venus is in Aries will be fat wallets, diamonds (well, you're more of a crystal person, so maybe amethyst?), and warm, solid hugs that convey an I- support-you kind of vibe. Sweet, lovely Venus is a little awkward in pushy Fire sign Aries, but it is what it is: Warrior princess vibes are what's up now.

Venus will retrograde next month—which we'll talk about way more in depth in March's horoscope (we have enough to chat about right now with the eclipses on the way). In the meantime, I will suggest this: Pay attention to what you experience this month around love, money, values, fairness, and even style and beauty, because you will be reviewing all of that and feeling pretty intense about it during Venus' retrograde, which will begin on March 4 and end on April 15 of this year.


Your ruling planet, Jupiter, stations retrograde in Air sign Libra on February 6. Jupiter makes things bigger—but not always better. We think of Jupiter as being the planet of luck and expansion, but it can also bring exaggerations. As Jupiter spends time in the sign of balance, Libra, it's time for all of us to reflect on moderation—especially you, Pisces, as you can be one of the most indulgent signs in the zodiac. As Jupiter spends time in Libra, you could make some huge gains and some amazing transformations, but you could also suffer some huge losses. Remember: Jupiter expands whatever's happening in your life, so if things are shit, they can become even shittier under its influence.

The trick is to let go. As Jupiter retrogrades in Libra, reflect on how you can find closure around the issues in your life that are blowing out of proportion. This is also a great time to reflect on your expectations of others, both on an intimate level and also concerning whatever it is that you feel people owe you—or what you owe others.

As Jupiter spends time in Libra, you could make some huge gains and some amazing transformations, but you could also suffer some huge losses.

On February 7, Mercury, the planet of the mind, enters Aquarius and activates a very psychic sector of your chart. You're already intuitive as hell, but pay close attention to your gut while Mercury is in Aquarius (which will be until February 25, when it enters your sign). Keep a dream journal by your bed; you'll make some intriguing discoveries. You'll feel way more private during this time. Exploring secrets, mysteries, or hidden things is a wonderful way to use this energy.


February 10 brings the first eclipse of the year: the lunar eclipse in Leo. Eclipses are nuts. They reveal shocking news, they place us on new paths, they excite us, and they exhaust us. Seriously, you're going to be exhausted. This lunar eclipse in Leo will activate the sector of your chart that rules your day job, your health and habits, and your daily routines.

Shit's about to get real in these areas of your life, so head to the doctor if you've been avoiding taking care of yourself and have a meeting with your boss if your schedule's not working for you. Mercury, the planet of communication, will sextile (a helpful astrological aspect) lovely Venus, which will create a communicative (even social!) atmosphere during this stressful time.

Expect to see things in a totally new way after this eclipse—and prepare yourself, because even more surprising news will come your way later this month when a solar eclipse lands in your sign. But we'll get to that later—back to mid-month, we have the Sun trining Jupiter on February 11, which will bring some lucky energy your way! The vibe is healing, and you will find a way to resolve some emotional issues that you haven't been sure how to deal with. Your intuition will be especially sharp at this time, and this is a wonderful day to cast a spell or brush up on your tarot skills. It's a great day for sharing secrets or exploring the unknown.

Eclipses are nuts. They reveal shocking news, they place us on new paths, they excite us, and they exhaust us.


The Sun enters your sign on February 18, Pisces! This is your season. As the Sun shines in your sign, you will feel revitalized. The Sun symbolizes vitality and also identity: Who are you? You're many people, Pisces—since you're the last sign in the zodiac, many say that you're all the signs rolled up into one. Being yourself sounds super cheesy, but it's actually very important. If you're in a situation in your life where you feel like you can't be who you really are—perhaps a restrictive relationship, or stuck working toward a goal that no longer inspires you—having the Sun in your sign is a marvelous time to rediscover yourself.

Remember earlier this month, when Mercury clashed with Jupiter, encouraging you to reflect on friendship and finances? Well, Mercury and Jupiter will connect again on February 21, but this time they will create a trine aspect (we love trines—they make things super easy).

On this date, Mercury, in logical Aquarius, will connect with Jupiter, in justice-loving Libra, which will bring a sense of harmony to emotionally complicated issues and encourage some empathetic connections between people. Mercury also enters your sign Pisces on February 25, encouraging you to express yourself and bringing you out of that quiet, private space you've been inhabiting with Mercury in Aquarius.

February 26 is definitely a day to mark on your calendar: There's a solar eclipse in your sign!

February 26 is definitely a day to mark on your calendar: There's a solar eclipse in your sign! Don't make solid plans for this day—or, really, for any day within a week or two of this date. In addition to the eclipse, with its sudden news and changes, action planet Mars will also meet with erratic Uranus in Aries today, which means all bets are off. Anything can happen, and atmosphere is all about being impulsive, not making commitments!

This is a powerful time for transformation and rebirth in your life, Pisces. Eclipses are life-changing events—but they also have a fated feeling about them, as if the changes they bring are meant to be. You're in control of your destiny, Pisces! What fresh start are you ready to have in your life? The slate's going to be totally wiped clean.

The month closes with Mars in Aries opposite Jupiter in Libra on February 27, creating tension around money, feelings of security, and intimacy. The energy is going to feel over-the-top, and confrontation is likely today. Philosophical Jupiter in partnership oriented Libra wants us all to get along, but warrior Mars in me-first Aries just wants to win: The vibe will be tense as fuck, so be as mature as possible and do try to compromise. Make your demands clear, but refuse to put up with bullying, and perhaps end a partnership or just excuse yourself from a situation if that will ultimately lead to greater peace and prosperity for everyone. Nothing lasts forever—but something new is always around the corner! See you in March, Pisces!