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Jeremy Corbyn, Certified Lad, Opened For the Libertines Over the Weekend

Plus, Wolf Alice want you to register to vote, so you probably should.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

If you were under any illusion that Jeremy Corbyn is not a certified, bonafide, absolutely enormous lad, that bubble should well have been burst over the weekend, when he rocked up to effectively open for the Libertines at their show at Tranmere Rovers' football ground, in the Wirral:

Big Jez addressed the crowd about Labour's plans to fund sport, culture and the arts should they win power on 8th June, asking "Do you want housing? Do you want care? And do you want a society coming together? Or, do you want selective education and fox hunting?" to inevitably rapturous applause. The video ends with the crowd chanting "OH JEREMY CORBYN" to the tune of the riff from "Seven Nation Army" as English people are wont to do when we're enthusiastic about something, and I'm fairly sure that nothing has made me feel more patriotic than this since the time those lads called themselves sesh gremlins and did a shit message in a bottle. Basically, Jeremy Corbyn should be Prime Minister because he literally elicits football chants, and what could be more quintessentially representative of our horrible little island than that?


However, we mustn't get ahead of ourselves. If you want an actual IRL rockstar to triumph over the human equivalent of a sponge wearing sparkly shoes, you've got to register to vote before the deadline which is 11:59PM TONIGHT (22nd May). Literally everyone (including, erm, Danny DeVito?) wants you to register, and the music world is very much on board, with everyone from grime MCs to Ellie Rowsell of Wolf Alice encouraging you to sign up:

Do as Ellie says, okay?

Today is your last chance to register to vote in what is the most important General Election the UK has seen in a very long time. So, whichever way you choose to vote (though seriously, if you want to see any investment in music and the arts, and also general empathy, Conservative would make zero sense) you absolutely, 100 percent have to register.

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(Image via Jeremy Corbyn on Twitter)