The History of Movement & 9 More Things We Love on the Dance Music Internet

Jlin, disco, DIY festivals and more make our list of the week's best things.
May 27, 2017, 4:41pm

1. The history of Movement

While the festival has grown from humble beginnings, its journey and tale is uniquely Detroit.

Movement might be one of the biggest and best electronic music festivals in the country, but it took a while to get to its current state. MLive takes a journey through the history of the festival.

2. Jlin

"I want people to know that every time I sit in that [home studio] chair to create, it is a fight. I am not one of these producers that's gon' sit there and make something in two minutes, because that's not even real."—Jerrilynn Patton

THUMP contributor Tiffany Walden visited the producer in Gary, Indiana on the heels of her boundary-breaking new record, Black Origami.

3. The history of disco in 100 tracks

Mixmag created this cheeky Spotify playlist charting disco's origins, rise, peaks and falls. Let it serve as your holiday weekend kickoff music.

4. The Sleep-Deprived Raver's Guide to Movement 2017's Afterparties

Hitting up Movement? We've got a guide to the best of the best afterparties to fit whatever your post-festival plans may be this weekend.

5. Progressive festivals

Mixmag takes a look at the ways in which festivals are addressing social and environmental issues.

6. The NYC Dance Parade

We spoke with participants in the recent NYC Dance Parade about why they were participating.

7. Lindstrøm grooves

Consider this set, from Trópico Festival in Acapulco, the perfect soundtrack to your BBQs, poolside drinking, and everything else that makes summer great.

8. How to start your own DIY festival

Number one: Have a strong premise and build on a community that exists. Read the rest of our tips here.

9. DJ Shiva's Club Toilet mix

It's all Movement, all the time today. Here, DJ Shiva provides an exclusive Club Toilet mix in anticipation of the Movement afterparty of the same name taking place this weekend.

10. Slow Magic and Kate Boy

Epic is an underrated descriptor. Grab a little bit of "magic," in this synth-drenched new Song of Summer contender.