Dell Made the Least Embarrassing Gaming PC I’ve Ever Seen

Because not all gaming PCs have to look like Weber grills modified for street racing.
May 30, 2017, 4:44pm
Image: Dell

I can't believe I'm typing this, but the most exciting consumer tech news of the day is not the new smartphone from the inventor of Android, but a couple of new PCs from Dell.

Namely it's the Inspirion 27 7000 AIO (all-in-one) desktop that caught my eye. It doesn't have any LED lighting, a big tower with an angular, angry grill, or dumb gamer branding like ASUS' Republic of Gamers line of products. It just looks like…a computer. And a nice one at that, kind of like the iMac in that the entire machine is built into the 27 inch display.

Image: Dell

Compare that with Dell's other new product, the Inspiron Gaming Desktop (starting at $600), which looks like a normal Dell you'd get at any Best Buy, only its bottom half is a diagonal grill with blue lighting. It's important to have good airflow in a gaming PC, but mostly this is just to let customers know that it's a machine for gamers because through several mistakes in history the gamer aesthetic for PC has come to resemble a Weber grill that's been modified for illegal street racing.

Image: Dell

I have a similar nerd tower at home, and while I opted out of the LEDs and tucked it under my desk, it's hard to hide the eyesore in a small apartment.

An Inspirion 27 7000 AIO won't only give me back more of the space I desperately need, but it would also be less embarrassing for my wife, who has to share the living room with a bunch of gaming-related electronics.

In terms of specs, it has a 4K display, a multi-core Ryzen AMD processor, and AMD Polaris RX500 Series of GPUs. I don't really care that it's "VR Ready" because there just aren't enough good VR games to play right now, but if it can handle VR it can probably run modern games on medium to high settings.

Starting at $1,000, that's not a terrible price. You'd be able to get way more bang for your buck by building a tower, but then we're back to dealing with an garish tower. You can also get a bigger, far more powerful all-in-one gaming PC with the Origin Omni, but that beast starts at $2,000.

Does the world need another Android phone? I feel like we already have too many of those. But a gaming PC adults? I could definitely use one.