The Best (Worst?!) Christmas Song of the Year Has Arrived

"Blue Christmas" can do one. Here's Major Lazer's "Know No Better", featuring Travis Scott, Camila Cabelo and Quavo doing the damn thing.
November 24, 2017, 10:03am
Image via Pixabay

Perhaps calling Major Lazer, Travis Scott, Camila Cabelo and Quavo's "Know No Better" the best Christmas song of the year is a streeeeeeeeeetch. But damn, what other competition are they looking at right now? Let's pause and take a look.

1) There's the Sia album (which some have said is "redfinining Christmas music", a statement we cannot yet confirm or deny).

2) There's Mariah doing her thing as always (which somehow was released in October).


3) There's Gwen Stefani rocking her way around the Christmas Tree with country crooner Blake Shelton.

And… the above trio are really the only contenders beside Major Lazer—a group best known for merging dancehall, moombahton and reggae—who have essentially asked someone to remix one of their own songs (read: put some jingle bells on top of it), which has ended up like this:

Now jingle bells are a debatable subject. Do they fall nicely within the crevice of the ear? Are they Satan in small, metallic form? Could they be used as a form of torture? Are they simply joy personified in a tinkling little sound that comes from a ball, one that can be attached to anything from reindeer to the paws of unsuspecting kittens? It's hard to say, like answering a math equation.

What we do know as undeniable fact is hearing Quavo, Travis Scott and Camila Cabelo on a festive tip is rare and good (and weird). It's no "Christmas in Harlem" or "St. Brick Intro" but until something else comes along, this'll do. And by that I mean Busta Rhymes, I'm looking at you – call up Jim Carey and get a sequel to "The Grinch" cooking.

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