Mikey Young Just Dropped a Solo Cassette and We’re Feeling It

The Total Control and Eddy Current Suppression Ring guitarist has released his second record of 2017.
August 24, 2017, 11:23am

Growing tired of being recognised as a revered musician and producer – and having 'Mastered By Mikey Young' scribbled on his every latte takeaway cup – Mikey Young is now taking his creative talents to cassette cover design. His latest work is a fine collage that includes a diver scoring a 7.5 on a feet first entry and some children's birthday candles.

The tape's guitar and synth noodling sound pretty alright too.


Besides the cover, Young – who is best known as a member of beloved Australian DIY groups like Total Control and Eddy Current Suppression Ring – recorded, mixed, mastered and performed everything on You Feelin' Me? About the only thing he didn't do was upload it to Bandcamp, which he left for Alex Macfarlane who, besides playing in a bunch of great Melbourne bands, operates the Hobbies Galore label.

Whereas Young's most recent solo offering Your Move Vol. 1, on Moniker Records, was built around synth, on You Feelin' Me? he expands his palette. "Billions of Tears" explores some 80s new age vibes while tape highlight "Life on the Perimeter" offers some minimal drum beats and an expansive guitar sound.

Like the name suggests, "Raga for Vacuum and Dishes" is the perfect meditative tune for some Saturday morning housework, while "Back to the Centre" sounds like something The Avalanches wished they'd had on their last album.

The songs and sounds on the cassette vary but retain a hypnotic and playful element and being a Mikey Young product, you know that the quality control is A1.

'You Feelin Me?' is available now on Hobbies Galore records.