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Daily Horoscope: August 26, 2018

The full moon in Pisces is here!
illustrated by Lili Emtiaz

The Moon enters dreamy Pisces at 1:32 AM, connects with electric Uranus at 6:22 AM, and then connects with serious Saturn at 6:49 AM. The full moon in Pisces arrives at 7:56 AM! Finally, after a summer of eclipses, a regular (yet emotionally and highly psychic) full moon has arrived. Venus clashes with Pluto at 3:18 PM, stirring up passion, drama, and intrigue—watch out for unsavory power dynamics and bring in a third party if a one-on-one situation is getting too heated.


All Times EST.


A climax arrives concerning a relationship today, thanks to the full moon in creative, psychic, and sensitive water sign Pisces. This is a major turning point for your partnerships, Virgo. Passions are stirred later this afternoon—don’t ask for anything you can’t afford.


The full moon in Pisces this morning is a powerful time to release bad habits that no longer serve you, Libra. Your ruling planet Venus squares off with Pluto later this afternoon, so watch out for power struggles and manipulation.


Today’s full moon in fellow water sign Pisces brings a climax around a situation concerning your love life, and plenty of information will be revealed today—just make sure to stay grounded in reality instead of letting your imagination run away.


There’s an emotional full moon in Pisces today, finding you in a nostalgic mood. You’ve been hard at work (it is Virgo season!), but today, you want to be comfy at home. On another note, ask yourself if you’re putting your money where your values are.


Today’s full moon in Pisces brings illuminating conversations—and a whole lot of emotion. Tensions around your work—or feeling seen and appreciated for all you’ve accomplished—are weighing on you, but avoid manipulative tactics to get what you want. You can do better, Capricorn!


Today’s full moon in Pisces is major for your finances, Aquarius. On an emotional level, it’s time to get clear about what’s important to you—and settle some debts. A climax around a sensitive situation concerning intimacy or security is sure to unfold.



The full moon in your sign arrives this morning! It’s Virgo season and you’re focusing a lot on others' needs, but it’s time to zero in on your own. Astrologers make fun of you for being a crybaby, but this is a fantastic day to let it all out.


You’ve been working very hard, Aries, and with your ruling planet Mars being retrograde, you may feel like your efforts are going nowhere. Today’s full moon in Pisces is a crucial time for you to get some rest.


Today’s full moon in Pisces brings a culmination around something that’s been brewing in your social life. Your ruling planet Venus squares off with the planet of death and rebirth later this afternoon, creating a very intense energy.


Tension is in the air today, Gemini, as the full moon in Pisces brings a big climax around a situation that was causing tension in both your personal and public life. A compromise needs to be made.


A full moon in fellow water sign Pisces arrives today, finding you seeing things in a new light. A conversation reaches an important climax—do your best to see things from someone else’s point of view. Insecurities in relationships flare up, but stay grounded and seek the help of an unbiased person.


An emotionally intense full moon in Pisces arrives today, bursting open issues concerning intimacy, debt, or mourning. Communication issues flare up—watch out for manipulation; if someone seems too sweet, ask yourself what’s really going on. What's in the stars for you in August? Read your monthly horoscope here. Want these horoscopes sent straight to your inbox? Click here to sign up for the newsletter.