Monthly Horoscope: Leo, September 2018
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Monthly Horoscope: Leo, September 2018

Leo season may be over, but Virgo season has you sorting out some big things.
illustrated by Nicole Ginelli
August 30, 2018, 8:39pm

Virgo season is here, and the Sun is illuminating the wealth and security sector of your chart as it shines on hardworking earth sign Virgo! Leo season is behind us, but that’s OK, because the only thing you love more than looking at your own reflection is looking at the abundance of wealth you’ve accumulated by way of your effects and talents! Disappointed by the number you see in your back account? That’s OK, too; Virgo season is your time to sort all that out. Clarity surrounding money, signing contracts, and even more emotional things (like your sense of self-worth) arrives on September 5, when communication planet Mercury enters Virgo. More shifts, especially around work and your schedule, come on September 6, when taskmaster Saturn ends its retrograde and goes direct in Capricorn.


More excitement arrives concerning your career, day-to-day work, and finances on September 7, when Mercury connects with Uranus and Saturn. Watch out for some confusion about who owns what on September 7, when the Sun opposes Neptune—debts, taxes, and inheritances are tricky topics, and even in your love life, issues concerning trust and intimacy may feel murky. My advice? Keep it light! Overthinking things won't get you anywhere, except maybe to the bathroom for a good cry. The mood is very sensitive and even a bit paranoid, since Neptune rules illusion and delusion, so do your best to stay centered and grounded—things really aren’t that bad.

The lesson in all of this is to avoid idealizing people or situations. The best way to deal with this confusing energy is to stay grounded in reality, whether the issue is sex or money. While you may feel that things around work and wellness are moving along, your love life, sense of value, and even emotional or financial security feel hazy and insecure. But things should start to feel better on September 8, when Venus clashes with Mars and brings a spark of passion to reinvigorate your mind, body, and soul.

A lovely fresh start around money (and in an emotional sense, self-worth) arrives with the new moon in Virgo on September 9, and Venus also enters Scorpio, bringing blessings to the sector of your chart that rules your domestic life—you’re in a cozy mood! The energy picks up in your relationships on September 10, when action planet Mars enters Aquarius. Issues you weren’t able to push through this summer while Mars was retrograde will finally feel like they are moving forward, especially in the realm of partnerships!


September 11 and 12 are two of the most exciting days this month, since the Sun, Jupiter, and Pluto align, and Venus connects with Saturn and opposes Uranus. Like earlier this month, we have a lot of movement and change. However, this murky confusion about your value is because of Neptune, which opposes Mercury on September 13, making it even harder to find clarity. Again, all you can do is keep things light. Stay present—paranoia is a rough consequence of this planetary opposition. Everyone will be of a sharper mind by September 15, when communication planet Mercury connects with the lord of the underworld, Pluto—issues concerning communication, scheduling, and duty will become much clearer. You'll understand what's expected of you, and you’ll have an easier time discussing the root of your concerns.

Impulsive energy is in the air as Mars squares off with Uranus on September 18—watch out for irritation and anger. There's also tension in the air, especially when it comes to your relationships, but these aren't new issues to you (in fact, you encountered them during Mars retrograde on August 1). Hopefully, you’re wiser now and able to handle things more effectively.

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The energy shifts as Mercury enters Libra on September 21 and the autumnal equinox and Libra season arrive on September 22—the Sun and Mercury will illuminate the communication sector of your chart! Plenty of phone calls and texts are sure to come your way, and you’ll likely be busy running around, meeting new people, or even signing some contracts! If there’s something you’ve wanted to get off your chest, the energy from diplomatic air sign Libra will help you do just that. However, there are a few frustrating days around communication that you should watch out for: September 23, when Mercury squares off with Saturn, and September 25, when the Sun does the same. Saturn is the planet of obstacles and restrictions, so this isn’t a great time to make plans or ask for favors.

The full moon in fellow fire sign Aries arrives on September 24, which will bring a whole new perspective to a problem you've been wrestling with for some time. New information comes to light, and philosophical breakthroughs take place. If you’re traveling or in school, this full moon is sure to be especially awesome. You may receive an exciting message during this full moon. Aries is the sign of independence, and an ending may take place now that will free you up for new adventures.

Pluto ends its retrograde on September 30, creating an intense energy and pushing you to dump some bad habits. Power struggles at work may also pop up—ask a third party to mediate if things are getting heated. The best way to deal with Pluto is to bring in someone unbiased, since Pluto’s difficult side thrives when secrets are kept, when people pretend something isn’t happening, or when situations go unchecked. Good luck this month, lovely Leo, and see you in October!