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Stormzy Joins Jorja Smith on "Let Me Down"

Jorja Smith makes even the saddest of songs sound pretty.
Queens, US

The world is still waiting on Jorja Smith’s debut album, and in the meantime she’s blessing us with new music to satiate our fix for the UK singer. Jorja lets her heart bleed on “Let Me Down,” singing the blues about two people on different pages in their relationship. She belts over piano keys, questioning the fate of their connection. There’s only one thing she’s sure of: “I’ve got you to let me down.” Stormzy assists her, fixated on time wasted and on his role in their failure. “Don’t go wasting your loving on me/When I see your tears I’m likely to run,” he raps between glimpses of guilt. Produced by Ed Thomas and Paul Epworth, “Let Me Down” is the risky text you’re too afraid to send and the drop in your stomach when you see them writing back.


Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

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