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Alt-right town manager who called Islam "barbaric" was just fired

Defiant on his way out, he told a crowd of townspeople and media he was fired “without cause.”

An alt-right town manager in rural Maine who founded an organization advocating racial separation has been fired after his prolific online posts bashing Islam and diversity caught national attention over the weekend.

Jackman, Maine’s board of selectmen voted 4-0 to give Tom Kawczynski the boot Tuesday morning, paying him a $30,000 severance package in exchange for him agreeing not to sue the town of roughly 800 people.

Kawczynski, who recently founded the New Albion group "emphasizing the positive aspects of our European heritage," per its website, had previously called Islam barbaric and the “scourge of Western civilization.” He remained defiant on his way out, telling a crowd of townspeople and media who’d gathered to watch the meeting that he wasn’t a racist and was fired “without cause.”

“We are open to all ethnicities, all races,” he said. “And I reject categorically the suggestion that I am a racist, a bigot, a Nazi, or any of the other foul names which have been attributed to me or my wife.”

He added this: “But I do love white people and I love white people as white people.”