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Jayhood Claims He "Inspired" Drake and DJ Khaled's New Song

The Jersey club producer said he doesn't blame the artists and has no "bad blood."
Image of Drake and DJ Khaled courtesy of DJ Khaled's Instagram.

Newark producer Jayhood took to Twitter this afternoon to claim that one of his remixes "inspired" the beat for DJ Khaled and Drake's new song "To The Max," which was released today. The track in question is his 2010 remix of T2's 2007 bassline single "Heartbroken," and he said that "To The Max" uses his "exact same chops" of the original song.

Drake and Khaled's song was produced by South Florida artist JayO, reports XXL, and it seems to be based on his 2015 song "Gus Get Em Right Mix." The resemblance between Jayhood's track and JayO's work here is notable in the rhythmic phrasing of the vocal sample from "Heartbroken."


"It was definitely sampled from the version I did," said Jayhood in an interview with The FADER. "The chops are not the same from the original, it's from the one I did. My drop is even in there."

Khaled and Drake's song bears a distinctive Jersey club influence on the whole, audible in the sampling style and in the kick drum pattern that comes in at around 1:30.

Earlier this year, Jayhood released his long-awaited debut album KING on UK imprint Local Action.

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