Watch Local Natives Investigate the West Coast Drought

Tonight on VICELAND, the indie rock band from LA follows the Colorado River. See a preview now.
June 16, 2017, 4:45pm

Earthworks is a three-part seriesEarthworks is a three-part series presented by Live Nation and VICELAND that follows artists as they journey to varying corners of the world to discover how different cultures and places influence the music we listen to. Last week, Miguel traveled to the coast of Mexico with his family in search of the root of his musical and cultural identity.

On the latest episode, which airs on VICELAND tonight, Local Natives embark on a journey to understand the ever-present drought that has plagued their home state of California. "We knew that there was a drought, and we knew we had to do something about it, but I don't think we knew the complexities of what's going on," says Ryan Hahn. Splitting into pairs and exploring parts of northern and southern Arizona, the band learns about how water affects both people and places farther than their home base of Los Angeles. The trip isn't complete without an acoustic rendition of "Who Knows Who Cares," set against sweeping shots of canyons and valleys. Because if there was ever a time for Taylor Rice to sing "I've been going down/ Down into the river baby," it's then and there.

The final episode in the series airs tonight on VICELAND at 11 PM EST. For now, you can watch an 11-minute preview of the episode above, before it becomes available to stream on Live Nation's YouTube page right here after 11:30 PM.