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Lorde's "Perfect Places" Is Pretty Much One Big, Triumphant Hook

This is a good thing, FYI.

Lorde's Melodrama singles have been all over the place, from the breakup stormer "Green Light" to the quiet ballad "Liability." Now we have "Perfect Places," which is the album's triumphant closer. If "Green Light" was extremely Lorde through musical tricks, then this song is Lorde because it sounds like it'll take over the world given the right circumstances.

"What the fuck are perfect places, anyways?" goes the chorus, which is something you will definitely memorize because said chorus comprises approximately 5/6ths of the song's running time. It's like "Hey Jude," except it actually slaps. Aside from that are the dependable "we're young and clueless but it's alright" sentiments that helped to first propel Lorde to fame, here sounding like she's tapping into humanity's collective spirit to help convey her message. Listen to "Perfect Places" above.

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