Kurupt FM Has Signed to XL Recordings

The self-proclaimed indie titan signs the self-proclaimed best MCs in the galaxy.

As a concept and also a very real yet intangible thing, the universe is forever expanding and then contracting. We see this through natural phenomena such as deja vu, the teachings of Tibetan monks, heightened intuition, synchronicity, telepathy, the knowledge each of us makes the same damn mistakes again, and again, and again. But then there's this: XL Recordings signing Kurupt FM.

At this point it's kind of impossible to say whether this is a joke gone too far or a genius move. Originally a fictionalised group, Kurupt FM have leapt from the screens of their television series People Just Do Nothing and into lucrative festival slots, headlining venues across the country. Did David Brent ever achieve that shit? No, he did not. Is Kurupt FM's music sometimes good? Debatable but also yes. Could the announcement of this singing be another leg to a joke that we've completely fallen for too? Who knows. At this point this is the internet, it's whatever. Just watch the damn video below and decide for yourself what this means, or whether any of this means anything at all.