This story is over 5 years old.


I Want to Make Babies with This Brett Gardner At-Bat

Gardner battled for 12 pitches before hitting a single and driving in two runs in the ninth inning for the Yankees.

The video cut doesn't do it justice, because the at-bat felt like it was a half-hour long, but listening to John Sterling say "fouled back" six times in a row as New York Yankees outfielder Brett Gardner hacks away at Cody Allen in the ninth inning is still pretty enjoyable. The Yankees had a slim 3-2 lead at the time and after Aaron Hicks singled and Todd Frazier worked a walk on a nine-pitch at-bat, Gardner strapped in for what would be a two-out, 12-pitch at-bat. It was mesmerizing and wonderful and I want to run away and make babies with it.


Gardner has a terrific eye and plate discipline, and he used them to wear Allen down and eventually, fucking finally, get a pitch he could do some damage with. He roped a single into right field and thanks to some sloppy glove work from Cleveland drove in two runs, giving the Yankees a 5-2 lead, and me butterflies in my stomach.

Even Allen came away impressed:

Every team could use a Brett Gardner and every species on the brink of extinction could use a Brett Gardner at-bat like this one.