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VICE News Week In Review: Your Stories And Videos For The Weekend

Take a look back at the best videos and articles from the past week on VICE News.
May 30, 2014, 11:43pm
Photo by Henry Langston

Rejoice, the week is finally over. Take a look back at the best videos and articles from the past week on VICE News.

Ice Cream, Corpses, and the Big Bear: Repatriating Dead Russians From Ukraine

We escorted the mutilated bodies of Russian fighters from a makeshift morgue in an ice cream factory to the border.

Russian Roulette (Dispatch 44)

Worst violence of eastern Ukraine crisis explodes at the battle for Donetsk International Airport.


Google Is Even More White and Male Than You Thought — and So Is Everyone Who’s Writing About It

Google went public with its diversity stats this week. But if Silicon Valley is notoriously white, male, and “fratty,” so is journalism.

Sisi Won the Election, But Still Might Lose Egypt

Despite winning in an overwhelming majority, Sisi appears surprisingly weak as he prepares to take control of a country facing major issues.

Thailand on the Brink (Dispatch Four)

Thailand's military junta continues to tighten it's grip on the nation.

'Subcomandante Marcos No Longer Exists:' Zapatista Leader Retires His Nom de Guerre

With an enigmatic statement, the leader of the Zapatistas announced that he no longer speaks for the revolutionary movement.

The World Finally Realizes That Hosting the Winter Olympics Totally Sucks

Krakow is the latest city to withdraw from hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics, as people finally realize it's not really worth it.

Cold War Nuclear Treaties: Old and Busted or Cool Vintage?

Russia may be cheating on a treaty banning an entire class of nuclear weapons considered too destabilizing and creating too great a danger.

In Photos: Clashes Erupt During Jerusalem Day Parade

The day was marked by thousands of Jewish revelers marching through the Old City, where the streets were closed to Palestinian residents.

The Islamic Leader Who Tried to Overthrow Trinidad Has Mellowed… a Little

In 1990, Abu Bakr led the only militant Islamic overthrow of a Western government ever attempted. Trinidad still suffers the consequences.