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Lil Xan Would Like to Make You Sober

In this episode of Noisey Raps, we go to Lil Xan's hometown neighborhood, and he shows us what turned Diego Leanos into Lil Xan.

Lil Xan is a 21-year-old rapper from Southern California who’s been rapping for only about a year and a half, but has already created a movement within the California rap community, with his Xanarchy collective garnering millions of views online. His single “Betrayed” is 62 million views and counting. Moreover, as you can tell by his stage name, the rapper born Diego Leanos has talked and rapped openly about his relationship with Xanax, from both an addiction perspective and moving past his reliance on the drug. In this episode of Noisey Raps, we return to his hometown neighborhood in Redlands, California and he shows us where he came from, and where he hopes to go.