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They Said Indie Rock Was Dead but Win Butler Put Up a Double-Double in Last Night’s Celebrity All-Star Game

And his East team won too.

Win Butler loves basketball. At 6"4', he is a tall man, just about set up for a career as a combo guard rather than a life of anthemic indie rock as the lead singer of Arcade Fire. Every chance he gets, he throws down. He competes. He runs and jumps and converts easy lay-ups. He did it at a charity game in 2011 just as he did it at last year's Celebrity All-Star game in Toronto, where he came home with the MVP award. For Win Butler, ball is life.


Butler didn't come away from last night's celebrity All-Star game in New Orleans as the MVP—that honor went to former pro and NBA impressions man Brandon Armstrong—but he did put up a double-double with 22 points, 11 rebounds, and a really cool headband. Plus his East defeated the West 88-59. Just look at this guy.

That's right, Win, clean the glass, hustle, hustle.


You can watch the full game highlights, if you're so inclined, below.

Photo by Nadia Bonner via Win Butler on Instagram.

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