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Warsnare's 'Megatribe (Solitude)' Is a Hyperactive Bass Hybrid That Defies Hyperbole

The London producer takes us on a mental trip through bass on this exclusive free download
September 24, 2014, 3:48pm

Photo credit: Geroid Hayes

Nobody likes to use the word "bass hybrid" in modern music journalism do they? It's just a bit 2009, a bit FWD>> on a Sunday back in the day, a bit "(gasp) is that dubstep producer playing house music?", and we're passed all that overt genre catergorization now right? Thing is though, when it comes to music from London's own Warsnare, it becomes increasingly difficult to create winning hyperbole that hits the nail on the head in terms of describing just what's filtering through one's speakers. Perhaps we should just stop trying. Anyway, coming across as one part UK bass, one part classic IDM in the Squarepusher mold, and just one whole big part 'WTF?', Dan Potter's recent work has seen him shifting through a plethora of influences, resulting in a couple of fucking hefty releases for Starkey and Dev79's Seclusiasis label based out of Philadelphia.

You could exemplifiy this with "Megatribe (Solitude)", which we're offering up for exclusive download here, lifted from this week's Endgame EP and featuring more edits, electronic glitch and general "hey - fuck you categories!" attitude than you could shake a mid-noughties gun finger at. You can download via the player below, and be sure to check out all full tracks over at the Warsnare Soundcloud.

The Endgame EP is available via Seclusiasis now. - grab it here.