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Enjoy a Zip-Load of Carnival Tunes Courtesy of Hipsters Don't Dance and Swing Ting

The World Carnival 2016 Zip is finally here! Download a set of tunes sure to set fire to whatever bank holiday barbecue you end up crashing.

It can't really have been a year since we brought you the 2015 instalment of Hipsters Don't Dance and Swing Ting's World Carnival Zip, can it? A year can't have vanished into the uncaring ether, surely? There's no way that 365 days have been sucked into the vortex of the past, never to return, is there? There is.

But rather than seeing the passing of time as one of life's most darkly depressing inevitabilities, let's rejoice, because right here, right now, we're bringing you the world exclusive you've been waiting for all year: the World Carnival Zip 2016!


Yet again, Manchester's finest have hooked up with two of London's best party-starters for a batch of hot-off-the-press edits that are certain to smash any club night, BBQ, or golden anniversary celebration you end up at over the bank holiday weekend. They'll also be hooking up for another no doubt sensational bash at Dalston venue Birthdays on Sunday the 28th of August. If you've ever been to Birthdays you'll know what a fantastically sweaty venue it can be when it's packed—which it will be—and if you don't plan on waking up on the bank holiday Monday stinking of spirits and hastily applied post-club deodorant, you're doing the weekend wrong.

The ST x HDD squad had this to say about the latest collection of club essentials:

"We wanted to give something back to everyone who supports Swing Ting and Hipsters Don't Dance, and the The World Carnival zip truly reflects the feel of the annual World Carnival collab party. This year it's extra special featuring a classic Brackles track, fresh Madd Again! (from Specialist Moss & Zed Bias) as well as a range of fun blends from both resident camps"

You've read the quote, you've seen the poster, and now you can stream the absolute fuck out of one of the most fun sets of music we've heard since, well, last year's World Carnival Zip. Featuring material from the entire team, it's a perfect encapsulation of what makes both Hipsters Don't Dance and Swing Ting such vital forces in contemporary UK club culture.


World Carnival Zip 2016 tracklist:

1. Brackles - No games
2. HDD - Work Nexx
3. Madd Agian! - Madd Pon Dem (Specialist Moss & Zed Bias)
4. E-40 x Keak Da Sneak x Birchill - Tell Me When to Moskato (Joey B Blend)
5. Ruff Ryders - Down Bottom (Platt Club Edit)
6. Kamaiyah ft. YG - Fuck it Up (Samrai Edit)

Oh, you want to download it? And keep it forever? Click that link below. Right now.

Download the Hipsters Don't Dance X Swing Ting World Carnival Zip 2016 right here

If all that wasn't enough, why not sit back with a glass of something cold and have a watch of this short but very sweet little promo video that features that absolutely WILD Brackles tune. Check it out below.

You want to get tickets now don't you? Well, you're in luck because you can buy them here.

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