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There's Finally a Beer Made Specifically for Drinking in the Shower

The 10 percent ABV 'Shower Beer' from the Swedish craft brewery PangPang and the creative agency Snask can also be used as conditioner. Yes, dreams come true.

There's nothing quite like hopping in the shower at the end of a long week and cracking open a beer to simultaneously pre-game and freshen up before a night out. Whether because you're amped to start getting your weekend drinking on or just a big fan of multitasking, shower beers really hit the spot.

But if you've ever found powering down a full 12 ounces of beer during a six-minute shower rather tough, a Swedish brewery has the answer—a double-strength mini beer designed specifically for consuming in the shower. Game on.


The aptly named "Shower Beer" comes to us from the Swedish craft brewery PangPang and the creative agency Snask, and it's "a sweet but strong pale ale in a 18 cl (six-ounce) small bottle meant to gulp in three sips while standing in the shower getting ready for the night."

"We always loved the concept of drinking beer in the shower, so the idea to create a beer that would be drunk while showering was a must," Snask Founder and Creative Director Fredrik Öst told MUNCHIES. "But we also wanted to create a beer that would kickstart your night, hence a strong but sweet beer that would be sipped in three to four sips while getting ready to the tunes of 'Dressed for Success!'"


Photos courtesy of PangPang

PangPang brewery founder Fredrik Tunedal mused that there is something primal in the relationship between beer and the shower. "The idea for a Shower Beer is an universal thing, I think," Tunedal told MUNCHIES. "As a brewer I work long and hard days, and when I come home I'm often covered in malt dust (my girlfriend actually calls me Mr. Malty Pants) and the shower is a gateway back to normal society.

"Looking through the hashtag #showerbeer it's easy to see that people all over the world love that feeling of a hot shower and an ice cold beer. I just wanted to try to optimize the experience by trying to customize a brew for this glorious occasion."

The Shower Beer, which was released last month, was meant to be a one-time only offering, but thanks to overwhelming demand, a second run is in order, and Tunedal hopes it will become a more permanent offering.


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"We did this first batch that wasn't that big. It was mostly for the Swedish market and we wanted to have it for ourselves," he said. "It sold out so fast. There's quite an interest in it."

And the Shower Beer pairs particularly well with the sudsiness of the shower.

"I let the Shower Beer sit longer in the primary fermenter before dry hopping and cold crashing it, compared to other PangPang beers," Tunedal said. "This lets it develop a soapy flavor that in some beers is considered an 'off' flavor, but is just on point for the Shower Beer. The beer is heavily hopped with Citra [hops], and has a citrusy, soapy, and somewhat herbal profile."

But the Shower Beer isn't a one trick pony. "I designed the recipe so that it can also be used as a conditioner, so if you are into looking good rather than feeling good, I've thought of you too!" Tunedal said.

It's easy to appreciate the elegant efficiency of a three-sip beer (that doubles as a conditioner!), though fans of longer showers might want to bring a sixer in with them. PangPang and Snask: If you're listening, America wants shower beers, too.